*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes reiterated his intentions

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*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes reiterated his intentions

A video with Wendy Choo shows her having nightmares about Tiffany Stratton before saying, "See you at The Great American Bash." Nikkita Lyons vs Mandy Rose Mandy Rose tries to trouble her opponent by hitting her in the knee where Nikkita had her injury, but the challenger is not responding to her blows as well as she can.

The match does not have an enormous depth given that more than anything else they are quite direct hits with punches and kicks, but there is a bit of malice that then affects the Toxic Attraction who intervene to attack Nikkita by triggering the disqualification.

Before they can go any further, however, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade arrive who save Nikkita and kick the female trio that dominates NXT from the ring. Backstage Solo Sikoa talks to Apollo Crews saying she can't believe she lost last week and he tells him not to give up that he's a special person, but Xyon Quinn interrupts them and tells Apollo that she can't be the perfect WWE Superstars because that's him.

He says what he has just lost... Apollo however replies that when he looks into his future he doesn't look so good. Cameron Grimes and Bron Breakker came out for the final segment of WWE NXT. Wade Barrett hosted the face-off between the NXT Champion and his challenger for the Great American Bash.

Cameron Grimes started by accusing Breakker

Face To Face with everything up for grabs Cameron Grimes and Bronn Breakker make their way into the ring. Breakker tells Grimes it would be a tough challenge because Grimes has nothing to lose.

Grimes replies that instead of returning for the NXT North American Championship, he wanted to challenge him by betting everything he has, also adding that his opponent has failed in other sports fields by throwing a tantrum to get caught in WWE.

Ahhhhhhhhh the good old recommended story that I like so much I hate it. Breakker however replies that he can say and do whatever he wants, but in the end, he will break it in half with a Spear, with Grimes replying that he can also knock him down, but he will always get up.

Breakker professes himself the biggest and strongest, but Grimes tells him that he does not have the heart for this discipline and after speaking ill of his father, Breakker attacks him, but he responds by throwing him against the stake twice and hurting his arm, with the medical staff who must intervene.

It is unknown if this attack will be used for anything at The Great American Bash. We just have to wait and see further developments. This story of the latest episode of NXT also ends here, I would say excellent for definitively building The Great American Bash.