Bully Ray Wants Johnny Gargano to Stay at NXT

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Bully Ray Wants Johnny Gargano to Stay at NXT

Bully Ray was known as Bubba Ray Dudley and was one half of the Dudley Boyz. Along with the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz were one of the greatest tag teams the WWE has ever produced/signed. Bully Ray is also a Hall of Famer. He has his podcast called Busted Open Radio which is pretty famous.

He was talking about Johnny Gargano on his podcast and stated that he thinks that he should stay at NXT. He is worried that Gargano won’t be booked well and he called EC3’s booking into the mix. He thinks that Gargano should simply stay at NXT as he will have a higher chance of being number 1 there.

Unfortunately, We talk about our friend Bobby Roode and especially now, the new victim is EC3. I don't think they would do that with Gargano but you never know. It's very, very easy to find yourself in limbo on the main roster because we see it happen to so many guys and girls," Bully stated.

"I'd much rather see him stay in NXT. I would rather see him do what he does there. Gargano's a bigger star now because he's had a little stint on the main roster so staying in NXT is going to give the NXT guys the rub and I can almost see Gargano working with a Riddle, or working with anybody over there."