A-Kid changes name and gimmick

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A-Kid changes name and gimmick

During the latest wave of layoffs, WWE wanted to go and cut several more names from its third brand, namely NXT, with the Tuesday night show having suffered several defections, with 10 names being released overnight. tomorrow, as happened several times in the last two years, even going so far as to give up important names such as those of Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis.

One of the many released on that black Friday was also the manager Malcolm Bivens, already seen alongside the Indian couple of Indus Sheer, and then instead alongside the Diamond Mine stable, which was still currently on stage at NXT and which has now already passed into the AEW rings, after just one month.

In recent weeks, news had surfaced online that Roderick Strong had also requested his release several times, with WWE never agreeing to this farewell, unlike the athletes who were fired only a few weeks ago. Speaking with ViBe & Wrestling, A-Kid touched upon several topics about his time in NXT.

During the interview, he also shared his thoughts on Triple H possibly returning to a creative role backstage at NXT: "Unfortunately, I don’t know. At the end of the day, it's up to him if he wants to do it or not but I can tell you that I wouldn’t like to be in his position as his job is very challenging with thousands of calls everyday, a lot of meetings with talents and the stressful live TV.

If he feels good and willing to take it I think everyone would be more than happy to have him back on NXT."

Backstage news on A-Kid

Among the many fired, however, several very important changes have also emerged for the wrestlers of the WWE color show, between those who have made their turn heel or turn face, those who have set up stable and those who have been completely repackaged by WWE, with new name and new gimmick, as happened with the young A-Kid.

Apparently, the young talent from Madrid, who until recently was called A-Kid, is now instead called Axiom, with the federation that wanted to stage a small video in which the character was presented or rather represented, also if his face was never framed, but it was clear who he was.

The wrestler, real name Carlos Ruis, who had his first successes in the Chikara and PWG rings, will be from now on a mathematical genius, with his new gimmick which will therefore be this. We will see when the WWE will return to bring the young 25-year-old back to the rings of his third brand, with this new gimmick.