NXT: Carmelo Hayes got a valuable win

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NXT: Carmelo Hayes got a valuable win

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE'S MATCH: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Grayson Waller; The two give us an excellent match with a Waller who does not let himself be intimidated by his opponent and Carmelo who is willing to make the world understand why he is the A-champion.

After several alternate pinfall attempts, Waller decides to try his hand at a pole flight but is promptly stopped by the champion who, after having pulled him down, hits him with a springboard leg drop followed by an unsuccessful pinfall attempt.

Waller does not give up and manages to score a variant of the electric chair that forces Carmelo to take refuge outside the ring where he reaches him to knock him down with a tremendous clothelsine. Back in the ring, the two continue to give them a good reason.

Hayes manages to draw a springboard clothesline from the cylinder to which Waller responds with a low dropkick followed by an over the castle followed by yet another pinfall attempt that stops again on the 2 count. Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller feigned a handshake before going for cheap shots at WWE NXT Great American Bash.

Hayes took control of the contest and hung Waller on the ropes before getting a big leg drop from the top.

Carmelo Hayes challenged Grayson Waller

It was arguably the best match of the night. The two superstars performed their hearts out to make it a successful match.

WWE must look to turn Carmelo Hayes' face down the line. It would work well to see him hold the title as a face. Hayes tries to hit a DDT tornado but Waller repels the attack by scoring his Stunner. Carmelo slyly takes refuge at ringside where he is promptly joined by Waller to be sent back between the ropes.

Waller then prepares to prepare his final maneuver when he is interrupted by Williams who in turn is interrupted by an attack behind Wes Lee who apparently did not accept what happened earlier in the evening. Waller then launches into Hayes' attack who responds with a double knee smash followed by his Diving Leg Drop.

The referee therefore cannot help but count to 3. Result: Carmelo Hayes pinned to victory and confirmed NXT North American Champion. We are now being offered a short interview with NXT Women Champion Mandy Rose stating that she will retain the title next week.

Banks cited Hayes' origins in the general Boston area as a reason for her liking of the up-and-comer, given that she is also native to that part of Massachusetts.