NXT: Trick Williams defeated Wes Lee

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NXT: Trick Williams defeated Wes Lee

Let's move on to the next match which this time sees the male category engaged in the tag team field. NXT TAG TITLE'S MATCH: Creed Brothers (c) vs Strong & Kemp; We are witnessing an excellent match that sees the Creed prove their worth by making it clear why they are the current couple champions.

To pay the consequences is only Kemp who sees himself continuously attacked by both Brutus and Julius. Strong finally comes to his rescue and manages to overturn the situation by hitting poor Brutus with two knee shots, putting the Creed Brothers kingdom in serious danger.

The dispute continues with the four who have no intention of giving an inch to the offensive of their opponents. The legal men are now Julius and Strong with the champion doing his "leader" literally what he wants.

Wes Lee started off strong and got a leg sweep before taking Trick Williams down with a kick. Trick got a powerslam out of the corner before Lee sent him outside with another kick and chased after him before Carmelo Hayes got in his way.

Trick Williams def. Wes Lee

While Wes Lee was distracted by Melo, Trick Williams poured something in his hands from a bottle before rubbing it into Wes Lee's eyes in the ring. The commentators deduced that the liquid must have been rubbing alcohol when Trick landed a spinning kick in the ring and picked up the win.

Strong decides to escape, leaving the h*t potato to Kemp who, once inside, is shot down by Julius who then hits the low clothesline followed by the final pin. Result: pinfall victory for the Creed Brothers who are confirmed as NXT Tag Team Champions over Strong and Kemp.

We are now offered a short film dedicated to the now ex A-Kid who apparently, after a repackage, will take the name of Axiom. This is another name that can now be added to the existing upteenth.