NXT: Bron Breakker resisted bravely

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NXT: Bron Breakker resisted bravely

MAINT EVENT-NXT TITLE MATCH: Bron Breakker (c) vs Grimes; It goes without saying that we are witnessing an excellent match, thanks also to the caliber of the two athletes involved. Let's now see Breakker try his hand at a stalled vertical suplex that is successful.

Bron attempts to score with his Gorilla Press Slam but is sent out of the ring only to be hit with a kick in the face and a cannon ball. Back on the ropes, the two continue to argue with Breakker who presses on the accelerator and after a series of shoulder blocks hits the mark with a powerslam.

Grimes responds with the canon crossbody who sees the two athletes spinning in the air in the center of the ring and then groped for a pin that fails.

Bron Breakker def. Cameron Grimes

The two move to the top of the pole from which Bron Breakker engages in the Frankesteiner.

Grimes does not give up and tries a submission maneuver from which Bron manages to free himself before being knocked down by the Caveman which is followed, however, only by a count of 2. Grimes is upset and no longer knows which way to go and decides to try his hand at a flight from the top of the stake but is interrupted in mid-air by a Breakker spear.

The referee then begins the count which inexorably reaches 3. Result: Bron Breakker's pinfall victory confirms NXT Champion. During the celebrations Bron is attacked, to the delight of our Leonardo Lucarini, by the late Jordan Devlin who has now taken the name of JD McDonagh.

The champion is thrown onto a table with the Devlin Side. Bron used his power to fight back, but Grimes continued to stomp down on his injured shoulder. Breakker failed to cash in on opportunities as his shoulder restricted him from going for the kill after every big move.

He hit a big snap suplex, but The Technical Savage came back with a crossbody. Grimes went for the injured shoulder early on but Bron managed to power through and sent him back into the corner before we headed for a break. Back on the show, Grimes countered a throw and tossed Bron outside before stomping on the injured shoulder.