NXT: Apollo Crews and Giovanni Vinci amused the fans

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NXT: Apollo Crews and Giovanni Vinci amused the fans

Let's now move on to the next match. SINGLES MATCH: Sanga vs Duke Hudson; we see a Duke in serious difficulty due to Sanga's overwhelming physical power who, like a wounded animal, tries to find the weak points of his opponent which in this case are the legs.

Each assault, however, seems to have no effect on Sanga who throws his opponent into the air with a shoulder block. Duke then decides to play dirty. In the meantime, Hudson is no longer struggling but is only trying to "survive" in all ways, even going so far as to pluck the hair from his opponent's chest.

Sanga, however, has no desire to joke and with a devastating chokeslam gets rid of Duke. The battle between two of the best performers in WWE NXT kicked off as Apollo Crews took on Giovanni Vinci. Crews struggled to stay on his feet early on as Vinci took him down with some tackles and clotheslines.

Apollo Crews and Giovanni Vinci competed

Giovanni Vinci showcased his strength with a big vertical suplex to knock the wind out of his opponent. The former Intercontinental Champion answered with a powerbomb, but Vinci rolled out of the ring.

Xyon Quinn came out of the crowd and attacked Apollo Crews behind the referee’s back. The former Imperium member took advantage and hit a big powerbomb for the win. It was an exciting match between two great superstars.

Result: Sanga's pinfall victory. Let's move on to the match involving the youngest of the Uso cousins. SINGLES MATCH: Only Sikoa vs Von Wagner; Only Sikoa does not let herself be intimidated by her opponent managing to make his life really complicated.

After a Samoan drop, Sikoa engages in a hip attack after which Von takes refuge at ringside. The two then start a fight with the referee who meanwhile begins to count reaching 10 without the two deciding to return to the ring.

Von and Solo continue to give each other a good reason even arriving in the parking lot where Wagner is thrown against a claire while Robert Stone ends up inside a waste bucket. In the recent episode of WWE Legends Biography, The Undertaker talks about his debut plans in WWE.

He said, “I’m aware of the fact that they’re discussing and they’re trying to get me booked. But they still haven’t figured out what they were going to do. So they start this promotion where they’ve got this gigantic egg on the set”.