NXT: Cameron Grimes must beware of a new threat


NXT: Cameron Grimes must beware of a new threat

Now it's time for another all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Indi Hartwell vs Lash Legend; The two give us a pleasant match with Lash who tries to assert all her physicality by also performing rack torture from which Indi manages to wriggle thanks to the ropes and then groped a roll-up that does not go beyond the count of 2.

On the men's side, Cameron Grimes was the next to come out into the rings on NXT and was quite sullen about his loss last week, in what was the title match. The reason for Grimes' bad mood was that on the 5th July episode of NXT, Grimes lost to Bron Breakker who was thus able to successfully defend his title.

This Tuesday, J.D. McDonagh came out to mock him and got called out by Grimes. What did Grimes call him? An "Irish a**hole"

Cameron Grimes was out next on NXT

McDonagh hit him with a headbutt and tried to take him out but Cameron Grimes reversed it and went for the Cave In.

However, JD fled the ring before Grimes could land the move. Meanwhile, coming to the women's match between Hartwell and Lash Legend, India tries everything to repel the attacks of Lash who, however, does not allow herself to fall into pity.

To save Indi's skin, however, there is a psychological game by Alba Fyre who with her mere presence at ringside distracts Lash just enough who is shot down with a spinbuster by Indi who then tries a flight from the third rope but ends up with the 'tripping over the top rope falling tumbling to the ground.

Lash tries to perform a pin but is overturned by Indi who thus gets the count of 3. Result: Indi Hartwell's pinfall victory. Post-match Alba Fyre attempts to hit Lash with the baseball bat several times but fails.

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