NXT: Cora Jade is no longer the same

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NXT: Cora Jade is no longer the same

MAIN EVENT-NXT WOMEN'S TITLE'S MATCH: Rose (c) vs Perez; We see Mandy Rose intent on repeatedly hitting poor Roxanne to the point where she has a bandage following the attack she suffered early in the evening. Perez tries everything to bring home the result but unfortunately, her injury makes it impossible for her to even stay on her feet.

Mandy insists on a series of shoulder blocks that put poor Roxanne in serious trouble as she begs her opponent to stop. Rose doesn't think about it at all and insists on violently spending the apron ring against her. Roxanne finds an ounce of energy with which she manages to land a headscissor into a Russian leg swipe followed by an unsuccessful pinfall attempt.

After the match, Cora Jade continued to beat down her partner with a skateboard as the show went off the air. It was a good main event that showed just how good Perez is in the ring. The finish helped Rose retain her title while building a new rivalry between Jade and Perez.

This is something the creative team did between Dakota Kai and Raquel Rodriguez not too long ago.

Cora Jade shocked everyone

Not content, Perez engages in a suicide dive with which she knocks down Mandy and then gets rid of both Dolin and Jayne by throwing them against the support poles of the ring.

Roxanne even manages to score the Pop Rox at ringside. Cora Jade loudly urges her to bring Mandy back into the ropes to attempt the ultimate pin. But when Roxanne gives her her back, Cora hits her violently with the tag team belt, thus ending their alliance.

Roxanne is shocked and then lets her guard down allowing Mandy to hit the running knee. Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall victory confirms NXT Women’s Champion. Post-match we see Cora Jade accusing her now-former friend of her of being selfish and that this has led her to suffer everything that has just happened to her and what will still happen to her.

Not happy, Cora starts to hit Roxanne violently using her skateboard, thus sanctioning her turn heel. Mandy Rose was out next for the main event but there was no challenger. Rose got on the mic to gloat before Cora Jade made her entrance. Jade said she would take Perez's place, but Roxanne came out and started the match despite taped up.