Two NXT stars change names

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Two NXT stars change names

Over the years, WWE has made the most disparate changes to the stage names of its wrestlers, with those who lost their surname, those who lost their names and those who saw their pseudonym become completely something else, denaturing the pseudonym by which he was known in the company's rings.

In recent years, for example, the wrestler Riddle has in fact gone from being called Matt Riddle to simply Riddle. This is just the latest example of how Vince McMahon plays a lot with his athletes, trying to give them the most direct and simple name possible so that he can stay in the minds of fans more easily.

Other examples of athletes who have lost part of their name along the way are (Antonio) Cesaro, Andrade (Cien Almas), Big E (Langston), (Alexander) Rusev and Apollo Crews and Mustafa Ali who initially became only Ali and Apollo and then returned with their full name instead.

A few weeks ago, on Monday Night Raw, yet another change came for a young athlete from the red show, with Austin Theory having lost a part of his stage name, remaining with only one of the two names or Theory. The July 12 edition of NXT saw Sikoa and Wagner finally getting their hands on each other.

However, led by their emotions, it seemed like neither one of them cared about winning the match. According to what was confirmed by the well-known website PW Insider, the WWE seems to also have changed its name to the Grizzled Young Veterans, with the two who now have a new name with which the federation will present them to its public.

Two NXT athletes change names

According to reporters from the well-known site, James Drake will now be called Jagger Reid, while Zack Gibson will become Rip Fowler. On July 11th, WWE also bought the rights to the name of Jagger Reid, while those of Rip Fowler had already bought them last May.

After starting to work as a tag team in the PROGRESS rings in 2017, WWE decided to hire them together the following year, having them perform in the rings of its NXT UK, with the two also becoming duo champions on the roster, for some time.

After seeing them also in the NXT rings in the US, the two will now change their names, with the WWE which may now also have single plans for them, if their tag team career does not take off.