What lies behind an important NXT storyline?

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What lies behind an important NXT storyline?

As we all could see, just after a week of grabbing the tag team belts along with NXT, Cora Jade attacked her partner and friend Roxanne Perez who was trying to win the singles belt against Mandy Rose. This thing shocked everyone a bit because this turn was sudden and there is so much insecurity as to the direction this storyline will now take since there are also tag team titles in between.

Speaking to The Bump, Shawn Michaels said, "I can't possibly understand what Cora Jade and Roxanne are going through. So look, he's as old as cavemen, right? It's jealousy, it's envy, and it's something every one of us experience in our lives and careers.

Do we have enough character to not allow him to get the best of us? I, of course, couldn't in my career, and Cora can't either. Again, it's heartbreaking to see it. At the same time, I can't wait to see where this will lead."

NXT hides a mystery

According to the Wrestling Observer, the angle and execution went exactly as planned.

It seems that the plans were to make Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez win the NXT duo titles, only to have the former betray the latter in that way. Also on The Bump Shawn Michaels said that the very competitive situation in the NXT locker room at this time may have been the trigger for this turn heel.

“I'll tell you, here, it's always like this because this is the most competitive environment. Nothing is determined here. Unlike SmackDown or Raw, there are a lot of longtime superstars and rooted superstars in this brand.

Here at NXT, 2.0 is anyone's game and the most competitive environment. There are more and more young athletes coming to take the place of other NXT superstars. So it's a shark tank down here." In an interview with Jim Varsallone, The Heartbreak Kid discussed Triple H's WWE NXT status.

Michaels noted that he has told The Game to focus on getting healthy. He also praised the "phenomenal" team that his friend left behind. "...I've told him, 'I don't care how good you are, you stay away, get healthy, concentrate on you,'" said Michaels.

"The thing is, he put in a fabulous team here, and that's why it's able to continue without him because he put phenomenal people in place...The team he put in place was prepared for these kinds of days, and we want him to get healthy."