NXT: Cameron Grimes was surprisingly defeated

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NXT: Cameron Grimes was surprisingly defeated

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening opens with the first match involving a well-known face of NXT UK who has recently made his return to the US format. SINGLES MATCH: JD McDonagh vs Cameron Grimes; We are obviously offered a very high-level match with the two athletes ready for everyone to bring home the contest under the watchful eye of Joe Gacy.

We witness a side slam from Grimes with JD who then repels his assault on him with kicks. The two have an exchange of blows in the center of the ring concluded by Grimes with a superkick. Cameron prepares for the Caveman but is stopped by JD with a headbutt to which the former North American Champion responds with a kick to the chest.

The two move to the apron ring where unfortunately Grimes gets trapped with one foot between the second and third rope allowing JD to vent all his anger by hitting him repeatedly with a stomp.

Cameron Grimes is distracted

When Cameron Grimes manages to break free and get back into the ring, he doesn't even have time to realize what happened to him being shot down with the Devlin Side.

Result: JD McDonagh pinfall win. We are now witnessing a promo of Cora Jade who without too many words defines Roxanne Perez as a bad guy for having used her so as to get to challenge Mandy Rose. She also declares that she was the one who attacked Roxanne backstage and that she was proud and happy about it.

She then goes on to tell how she made her feel alive by hitting her behind her with her belt during the match with Mandy Rose. Finally, she concludes by saying that the NXT Women's Tag Team Title that she currently still has in her possession is actually nothing more than a lie and therefore decides to get rid of it by throwing it in a garbage can, asserting that a new Jade has now been born and that she will have nothing in it.

common with that view so far. Now is the time for a match that involves two members of the same stable in a 1 vs 1 challenge. SINGLES MATCH: Roderick Strong vs Damon Kemp; Strong does not save with the blows as his intent is to teach a lesson to his subordinate.

After a suplex, Strong decides to attempt to break Damon's breath with joint keys and then repeatedly hit him and attempt the pin that fails. Kemp, however, decides to react and scores a series of clotheslines followed by a belly-to-belly overhead suplex and a springboard spear after which he tries the pin that fails.

After an exchange of blows, the two are shot down with a clothesline. Suddenly Tony D'Angelo's big face appears on the big screen in the company of his henchmen intent on beating up the Creed Brothers. Strong takes advantage of Kemp's moment of distraction, intent on staring at the screen, to strike violently with a knee to the face. Result: Roderick Strong pinch win.