NXT: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen deservedly won

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NXT: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen deservedly won

Let's move on to the next match that sees the NXT UK tag team titles up for grabs. NXT UK Tag Titles' match: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Pretty Deadly We are offered a pleasant match with the champions who seem loaded with buckshot managing to repel most of the attacks of the challengers.

During an exchange of blows Pince is thrown out of the ring ending violently against poor Henley. Briggs and Jensen initially lend their side to the challengers and then resume the contest. The Pretty Deadly then go all out trying to cheat the referee by throwing one of the two pair belts into Briggs' hands.

The referee seems to fall into the trap. Wilson then decided to use the opportunity to hit Briggs himself with the other belt but was interrupted by Hanley. Meanwhile Prince is shot down by Jensen's big boot. Hanley then decides to let go of the belt causing Wilson to lose balance who is then shot down with the Lariat & Chop Block.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen won

Brooks Jensen and Elton Prince kicked off the match, and Kit Wilson came in with a blind tag early on before Josh Briggs and Jensen attacked the challengers, and a brawl broke out as we headed for a break.

Result: pinfall win for Briggs & Jensen who confirm themselves as NXT UK Tag Team Champions. We are now offered a commercial that involves Joe Gacy and the Dyad with these who finally decide to show us their faces. As we all suspected, these are actually the now former Grizzled Young Veterans.

Now we sell catapulted into the ring with a promo of the NXT Champion Bron Breakker who has just a few words to say to JD McDonagh guilty of attacking him from behind after Great American Bash. The former Jordan Devlin is not long in arriving, appearing on the big screen in the company of a mannequin that he decides to use for a psychological game against the champion.

Specifically, he draws on the same the exact point where he will exert enough pressure to clear Breakker's shoulder to which, after GAB, he suffered a small injury. Of course, JD should be reminded that his shoulder is the right and not the left, but so be it.

JD with all the calm of the world asks the champion if he is willing to do anything to defend the title even to put his health at risk. Bron on his side replies that if he too should take his shoulder off, he will take it back and put it where the sun does not shine.