NXT: Huge win for Zoey Stark

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NXT: Huge win for Zoey Stark

We then move on to the next match that sees the "debut" of a new character. SINGLES MATCH: Axiom vs Dante Chen; We witness a pleasant match with Axiom which, in addition to a new aspect, also showcases a new style of fighting, focusing much more on the spectacular, leaving Dante Chen baffled but trying to respond to the blows by scoring a back elbow smash followed by a backbreaker which is finally followed by a pin attempt.

Dante tries to score the back elbow smash again and manages to do it twice, but the third Axiom responds with a DDT tornado followed by a Pele kick. After having guillotined Chen with the help of the third rope, Axiom engages in a diving cross body followed by a variation of the dropkick with which he hits Chen's jaw, literally knocking him out.

Result: Axiom's pinfall victory. So here we are at the last match of the evening that sees up for grabs the chance to challenge the NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose in a titled match. 20-WOMEN BATTLE ROYAL The match literally begins with Cora Jade's escape backstage being chased by Ivy Nile.

Tiffany Stratton almost eliminated Wendy Choo, but she used her pillow to get back into the ring. Zoey Stark eliminated Yulissa Leon and Valentina Feroz before Kiana James took out Fallon Henley. Skim the athletes who had no chance of winning, among which we include Tatum Paxley who decides to self-eliminate with a flight over the third rope to shoot down Carter and Katana and defend Ivy Nile, let's get down to business.

Zoey Stark surprised everyone

The last four to contend for the victory are Zoey Stark, Nikkita Lyons, Kiana James and Tiffany Stratton. Nikkita launches into the attack of all three of her opponents, knocking them down one after the other, eliminating Kiana after a kick in her face.

Stratton then takes advantage of Lyons' moment of distraction to eliminate her, thus remaining alone with Zoey Stark. Stark tries twice to eliminate Tiffany but she is saved by her broken cap by placing only one foot on the ground.

Stratton then tries an acrobatic maneuver interrupted by Stark who responds with a German suplex and then throws Tiffany over the third rope and hit her with an elbow causing her to fall ruinously to the ground. The audience rejoices convinced that it's all over but apparently not, since the audience comes out of the one who initially went into hiding and more precisely Cora Jade who tries to hit Zoey from behind but ends up being thrown over the third rope. Result: winner Zoey Stark who then won a title shot at Mandy Rose's NXT Women’s Championship.