Triple H On Success of NXT

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Triple H On Success of NXT

The world of professional wrestling isn’t a very big one. There are is a very small number of famous professional wrestling promotions in the world. The professional wrestling world is ruled by the WWE, which makes millions of dollar every year.

Wrestling is known as sports entertainment and millions of people around the world watch the RAW and Smackdown, which are two of the biggest wrestling shows. The WWE also has a smaller brand by the name of NXT. This brand is used to develop the inexperienced wrestlers, and prepare them for the main roster.

Many of the best wrestlers of the world right now came from NXT. Some of them have even headlined WrestleMania. Triple H was on the WINCLY podcast where the talked about the success of NXT and how the developmental brand of the WWE is now rivaling other wrestling promotions.

"The Performance Center has grown. We have at any given time in the ballpark of 100 talent in the facility and then another 30-40 in the UK," revealed Triple H. "So it's grown exponentially and a large percentage of that is international.

I think 45 percent is international from 22 different countries. NXT in the US does somewhere around 200 live events per year. Is there room for growth for that? Yea, but we also want to make sure it's done in a way that is profitable and not a drain. NXTis a profitable brand from the standpoint of the live events," said Triple H.