NXT: Wes Lee lost again

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NXT: Wes Lee lost again
NXT: Wes Lee lost again (Provided by Wrestling World)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening opens with the entry of the winner of the 20 women battle royal, Zoey Stark who tells us about everything she has had to face in these months of absence and that she is extremely happy to be back.

She then goes on to say that she now only has in mind to eliminate the Toxic Attraction. The two are then interrupted by the Toxic Attraction with Mandy Rose who tells us that she will soon become the fourth champion with the longest reign.

Zoey consequently offers to celebrate her by putting the title up for grabs this very evening against her. The answer, however, is Gigi Dolin who rejects the invitation on behalf of the champion, telling Zoey that the dream of becoming champion, hatched in these nine months of absence, will remain nothing but a dream.

Let's move on to the first match of the evening. SINGLES MATCH: Grayson Waller vs Wes Lee; we witness a pleasant match with the two athletes who do not allow themselves time to breathe, scoring one shot after another. The two find themselves at ringside with Wes who, after receiving a cut to the throat, responds with a superkick.

Back in the ring, Lee scores with a bulldog to which Waller responds with a "guillotine" using the 3 rope.

Grayson Waller took on Wes Lee

Unhappy Wes Lee engages in a suicide dive. After bringing Waller back to the ring, Wes climbs to the top of the stake from which he is promptly pushed to the ground.

The referee distracts himself to keep Waller from leaving the ring, allowing a shady figure to punch poor Lee in the back of the head who collapses at the ringside. Wes barely manages to get back into the ropes at the 9-count before being knocked down with the Stunner.

Result: Grayson Waller pinch win; Post match it turns out that the shady figure is none other than Trick Williams. We are now offered a promo of Schism with Joe Gacy who tells us that he wants to be a mentor to Cameron Grimes and that he will do everything to make him join him and the Dyads.

Now it's time for the second match of the evening. SINGLES MATCH: Apollo Crews vs Xyon Quinn; The two immediately start in the fourth with Apollo who is not intimidated and after a dropkick, he hits the mark with a bodyslam followed by a slingshot elbow drop followed by an attempt to pin.

Xyon, however, does not give up and knocks down his opponent with a neckbreaker and then shows all his strength with a devastating Irish whip. Apollo does not give up and after repelling Quinn’s attack, he scores with a series of hits followed by an enziguri kick, a back stabber and a single arm spinebuster. Result: Apollo Crews pinfall victory.

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