NXT: Giovanni Vinci impressed again

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NXT: Giovanni Vinci impressed again
NXT: Giovanni Vinci impressed again (Provided by Wrestling World)

Let's move on to the match just mentioned above. SINGLES MATCH: Zoey Stark vs Gigi Dolin; At the sound of the bell, Gigi tries to surprise Zoey Stark but she is ready by bringing her opponent to the corner and forcing the Toxic to intervene to help their partner.

Gigi then takes advantage of it by hitting Zoey from behind her and taking control of the match. However, this situation did not last long with Stark who managed to regain the reins of the match going to sign with a consistent number of shots and then groped for the pin but it was not successful.

Stark doesn't give up and after a kick in her face, she hits her mark with her Belly to Back GTS, which is followed by the final pin. Result: Zoey Stark's pinfall win. Post-match Zoey manages to repel the attacks of the remaining Toxic Attraction members but ends up being knocked down by Cora Jade who hits her behind her with the kendo stick before being kicked out by the arrival of Roxanne Perez.

We are now offered a promo involving JD McDonagh who has only one goal whose name is Bron Breakker. The NXT Champion immediately shows up in the ring for a confrontation that quickly becomes physical with JD who scores with a headbutt to which Bron responds with a shoulder block with which he even manages to make the mouth of his next challenger bleed.

Giovanni Vinci took on Andre Chase in a singles match this week. During an interview held by Roxanne Perez, Alundra Blayze (Madusa) tells us that next week there will be a fatal 4-way Elimination Match to decree the next NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Let's continue with the next match.

Giovanni Vinci vs Andre Chase

SINGLES MATCH: Giovanni Vinci vs Andre Chase; Chase tries everything to keep Giovanni at bay by throwing him violently against the stake. Giovanni, however, has no intention of having his feet put on his head and a brainbuster is scored, followed by an attempt at pinning.

Vinci then prepares to close the dispute but Andre attempts a roll-up from which Giovanni struggles with a bridge before being shot down with the butterfly bomb followed by only a count of 2. Chase no longer knows what to do with the opposite of Giovanni who still has a few additions up his sleeve and after a tremendous short lariat, scores with the powerbomb which is followed by the definitive pin. Result: Giovanni Vinci's pinfall victory.