NXT: Tony D'Angelo redeemed himself

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NXT: Tony D'Angelo redeemed himself

Let's now move on to the next all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Indi Hartwell vs Arianna Grace; The two offer us a fair show with Indi trying to make her the match by trying a backbreaker. Arianna is not there and begins to throw Indi from one side of the ring to the other before being knocked down by a clothesline by the former member of The Way who also tries a pin.

Not happy, Indi tries a running big boot on the corner but Arianna avoids the blow and tries a pin by placing her feet on the second rope. The referee intends to disqualify her but in the meantime, Indi has recovered and manages to score the running big boot which she follows the count of 3.

Result: Indi Hartwell's pinfall victory. So here we are at the last meeting of the evening. MAIN EVENT-8MAN TAG MATCH: Diamond Mine vs D’Angelo’s Family The waters stir almost immediately with all eight participants who start a fight.

Julius takes advantage of the situation to imprison Tony D'Angelo in an ankle lock. Tony is promptly rescued. Back in the ropes, we see Wilde being harassed first by Brutus and then by Kemp with the latter who, after chasing him out of the ring with a clothesline, focuses on Del Toro.

Tony D'Angelo is safe

Wilde takes advantage of the situation to hit poor Kemp from behind. Now it's Julius's turn again, who once inside does literally what he wants, even jumping directly on the top of the stake to throw poor Wilde to the ground with a superplex.

Strong and Julius then work as a team and take down both Wilde and Del Toro with knee strikes and clotheslines. Now it's Tony D’Angelo's turn to avoid Strong's knee strike which ends up hitting Julius involuntarily.

The D 'Angelo' s Family then took the opportunity to overturn the situation in his favor with Tony D'Angelo knocking down Julius with his swinning neckbreaker. Result: victory by pinfall of the D'Angelo's Family.