NXT Manager Cuts a Promo on His Creation

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NXT Manager Cuts a Promo on His Creation

The professional wrestling world is full of talented managers. Managers help their clients get the best deals and even accompany them to the ring. Paul Heyman is one of the most well-known managers in the history of the WWE. He is currently managing Brock Lesnar and he is even cuts promos for him.

Without good managers, the professional wrestling industry wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is right now. NXT Superstars also have managers. One of the newest managers in NXT is Stokely Hathaway. He uses the name Court Moore at NXT.

He is quite well known on the indie circuit. Like most indie stars, he couldn’t turn down an offer to work for any of WWE’s brands. NXT is a good option for indie stars, as it is growing quite rapidly. Moore is managing Babatunde Aiyegbusi.

Babatunde had a match against Nick Comoroto at Tampa recently, which he won. It was also Moore’s debut as a manager at NXT. WWE released a video that contained Moore. He cut a promo about his new creation, the big man Babatunde.

"I mean, you were there. I'm a winner, so I did what I always do, and I won. Well, excuse me, I didn't win, Babatunde won. My newest monster, my newest creation, and NXT's biggest Superstar. Are you done? Because I have stuff to do. ... You're welcome, appreciate it," Moore said.