Tommaso Ciampa on Borrowed time?

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Tommaso Ciampa on Borrowed time?

Every year, a large number of wrestlers get injured. Some suffer horrific injuries that bring their careers to a halt. Not many wrestlers of the world can wrestle after suffering a bad neck injury. Even in amateur wrestling, a wrestler’s neck has to be in a very good shape.

A badly performed move can cause permanent paralysis and even cause death in rare cases. Many famous WWE superstars had to retire prematurely because they couldn’t wrestle after suffering a neck injury. Surgery is usually required to repair damage.

After having a neck surgery, a wrestler is forced to stay out of the ring for months, or even years. Tommaso Ciampa is currently out of action because he injured his neck! He is a very popular WWE NXT wrestler. Ciampa’s injury is quite bad and he requires surgery.

Ciampa released a statement in a NXT video package that his return might never happen. "In May of 2017 they told me that no one has ever had 3 major surgeries in a 12 week span and returned at a competitive level. I returned to the most successful run of my career.

This week I should be preparing to walk into the main event of Takeover New York on Wrestlemania weekend as the NXT Champion. This match meant more to me than anyone will ever understand. The opportunity was taken away from me. In March of 2019 they told me that if I return then I will be on borrowed time. To be continued..."