NXT: Wes Lee and Trick Williams wowed the fans

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NXT: Wes Lee and Trick Williams wowed the fans

So let's move on to the next match on NXT which is once again all female. SINGLES MATCH: Thea Hail vs Arianna Grace; we are offered a friendly match with the two athletes intent on giving them a good reason. Grace manages to take over the reins of the match by trying to subdue poor Hail who, albeit with difficulty, manages to get rid of her and overturn the course of the match.

After two splashes on the corner, she hits the mark with a low dropkick followed by a neckbreaker and then tries her hand in a standing moonsault with which she only gets a 2 count. Thea manages to hit Arianna in the face who pretends to have an eye problem forcing the referee to block Thea's offensive which ends up being hit with a big boot followed by Wasteland.

Result: Arianna Grace's pinfall victory. Now is the time for the match agreed at the beginning of the evening in the Diamond Mine dojo. SINGLES MATCH: Roderick Strong vs Apollo Crews; We are witnessing an excellent match thanks also to the skills of the two athletes in the ring.

As usual Strong works a lot on his opponent's back so much that we see him scoring one of his usual backbreakers. Apolo, however, manages to react by hitting Strong with a series of clotheslines followed by a splash and a blocbuster followed by only a 2 count.

This week, a unique contest was booked between Trick Williams and Wes Lee on WWE NXT.

NXT: Wes Lee and Trick Williams competed

Wes Lee and Trick Williams walked out in boxing gloves and went hard at each other early. Strong sketches a reaction managing to throw Apollo into the apron ring with a back body drop and then keep the pin.

Strong insists with yet another backbreaker before being shot down by Apollo with a double gutbuster followed by the single arm spinebuster. Result: Apollo Crews pinfall victory. We are now witnessing an exchange between Valentina Feroz and Youlisa Leon who are trying to console themselves after last week's defeat.

The two are quickly joined by NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter who offer them a titled match. We are sent back to the Diamond Mine Dojo where we witness a heavy exchange of views between Strong and the Creed Brothers with these being reprimanded for not helping their leader.

We are now being offered the meeting between Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo which ends with the agreement for a match in Heatwave. If Tony D’Angelo wins, he can keep the Legado while Santos will have to leave NXT for good.

In the event that Santos Escobar wins, he will take back the Legado and everyone on his way. The match will have a special stipulation and, more precisely, a street fight.