Latest update on NXT UK

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Latest update on NXT UK

In recent days, a bit of panic has been created around the NXT UK brand. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that BT Sports Studios, where NXT UK is usually filmed, will not be available for tapings due to coverage on football.

In particular, the reporter was keen to point out that there is "a lot of discomfort" among the NXT UK crew following the decision to cancel the tapings, particularly with the way the tapings have not been moved to another location.

Meltzer stated that, at this point, no one was told anything about the situation going forward. A previous report, prior to these statements, had made it known that several NXT UK Superstars would soon make a trip to the United States, in particular, it was Mike Johnson of PWInsider who said the names of the wrestlers specifically: Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey and Wolfgang, aka the Gallus, along with Charlie Dempsey of Die Familie, who would be the son of William Regal.

The latest news on NXT UK

Always the good Mike Johnson of PWInsider, wanted to provide a further update on the subject, writing: "For those who have asked about the rumors that the NXT UK brand is closing, all we can confirm is that currently, there are no tapings.

for TV for that brand scheduled in Britain. As we have reported, a number of UK talent including Gallus and Charlie Dempsey are expected to be in Florida by the end of the month. It is entirely possible that WWE will be recording content for the NXT UK TV series in Orlando.

So while there is nothing concrete either way, stay tuned." Of course, a company like WWE may already have a solution for all of this, but we have to wait and see how it turns out. Meanwhile, in recent months we have often seen exchanges between NXT and NXT UK, with several wrestlers who have moved from one country to another to fight and show off.

Recently, Dolph Ziggler talked about how different NXT is compared to Ohio Valley Wrestling. “This facility, ridiculous. It is an Olympic training facility for up-and-coming developmental talent. It’s unreal. The chance that you have Shawn Michaels walking around backstage helping you figure out how to wrestle.

Are you kidding me?" commented Ziggler. "I’m standing next to Bobby Lashley. Who do you think WWE will pick to be their guy? So I was like, man, this sucks”. added Dolph Ziggler.