Zoey Stark becomes a producer

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Zoey Stark becomes a producer

On WWE After The Bell, NXT commentator Vic Joseph revealed that Zoey Stark was working as a producer during her time out of the square due to injury. When asked why she took that role, Stark said, "To become a better artist, number one.

I knew I would be back and I knew that producing would help me in the ring. When you train someone, two people are learning. I'm learning at the same time too because now I have to think about it. It's amazing to be able to do both roles.

You get a different side of, 'Oh, that's what producers go through, I had no idea.' " Then she went on to say, "People want to go outside and do their own thing and throw the producer away, throw the guys behind the camera, throw everyone away.

You have to be in full communication with everyone. We are all a team in this. You can't just do your thing. We need to help each other. We all have the same goal. We all want to have a great match and tell a story."

Latest update on Zoey Stark

As we know, the wrestler has largely recovered from her injury now and in fact, she won a Battle Royal by surprise returning to NXT to challenge the current champion, leader of Toxic Attraction, Mandy Rose.

The two will compete in the special episode NXT Heatwave next week with the champion belt up for grabs and we have made our predictions on the NeXT Big Thing show, which will also be broadcast next Wednesday, as every Wednesday, at 19 on the channel.

Twitch of Open Wrestling TV, to comment on the results of the episode. But that's not all, because Zoey Stark is also currently paired with Nikkita Lyons, another superstar of the development brand, and the two will perform at SmackDown next week in the first round of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament to decree the new couple champions and for the two it will be the first time on the main roster.

Former NXT producer "Road Dogg" Brian James gave high praise to Zoey Stark: "I want to mention Zoey Stark, I know she had knee surgery when I was still there, and I know she is healing up. I think Zoey Stark, her and Asuka in my mind are two of the best women professional wrestlers going today.

I don't know where she's been, when she first showed up I was like, 'Where have you been all my life?'.. When you try to help somebody and they put the work in, it makes you want to help them so much more."