NXT: Tyler Bate shocked everyone

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NXT: Tyler Bate shocked everyone

As we have seen in the latest installments of NXT 2.0, WWE wanted to propose a new feud between the absolute champion of its third brand, Bron Breakker and the Irish-born athlete JD McDonagh, better known in the past as Jordan Devlin.

After winning the WWE lightweight title, Devlin had been in the NXT UK ring for a period, only to return to the part of NXT that matters, going to attack the massive champion of the brand, Breakker, starting a feud with him.

which led them to tonight's episode of NXT, called HeatWave, in honor of an old ppv of the defunct ECW, to a titled match valid for the NXT Championship. What, however, no one expected is that a new challenge for the champion would come this night, after the end of the contest with McDonagh, with the winner who dodged in front of yet another NXT UK athlete, who defiantly he watched for several seconds.

Tyler Bate appeared on NXT. At the end of the HeatWave main event, with Bron Breakker winning his match, as many already imagined on the eve of the event, there was the entry on the scene of Tyler Bate, the current absolute champion of NXT UK, who already beat Pete Dunne in 2017, to become the inaugural champion of the British WWE brand in Blackpool.

Tyler Bate appears on NXT

After winning the title again at NXT UK, winning a tournament for the vacated title against Trent Seven, the champion of the British WWE brand decided to go directly face to face with his NXT counterpart from the USA, with Breakker obviously did not back down, going under the UK champion.

We will see in the coming weeks how this storyline will evolve, if the two will put both their titles up for grabs or if this angle was just a taste of what awaits us for the Survivor Series, although there are still several weeks left until the event of the WWE, which, however, could also see another contention champion vs champion never seen in the history of the McMahon company.

Tyler Bate is, of course, no small man and, pound for pound is one of the strongest athletes under the WWE umbrella. He has a passion for McIntyre: "I actually wrestled Drew McIntyre when I was maybe 18 when he was released...

it's honestly the most exhausted I've ever been in a match! I've never been so covered in sweat and gasping for air. He's just a massive man, trying to keep up with him is a massive task."