NXT: Carmelo Hayes defended his title

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NXT: Carmelo Hayes defended his title

Welcome to another story from the latest episode of NXT. Let's begin! North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Giovanni Vinci. The evening gets off to a great start with the first title up for grabs, with the two challengers wasting no time and after the sound of the bell, they take action.

The audience here seems to be all on Melo's side, there are few choirs for the Italian, even if he gives us a textbook performance, with various aerial maneuvers to leave you breathless. The champion also manages to defend himself well thanks to the support of Trick Williams who gives him a couple of moments to breathe and recover, even climbing into the ring to dodge a move and then take it himself.

Giovanni Vinci challenged Carmelo Hayes

When Giovanni Vinci is about to end the match, however, Carmelo Hayes overturns the Powerbomb and the back of robbery while maintaining the title. Shortly after we see a video from the parking lot a few moments earlier with Mandy Rose telling Bron Breakker that we will see who will come out of the evening with the title still on his shoulder.

Julius' allegations Then we are shown a video of Julius Creed who told us on Twitter that he has to talk to us about something and he wants to do it directly in the ring in front of everyone. Eventually, all of the Diamond Mine, except Ivy, get into the ring and Julius picks up the microphone accusing the leader Roderick Strong of having betrayed them and also shows the video of the betrayal, with the former Undisputed Era trying to defend himself in every way, but while they are discussing ATTENTION THE GALLUS DIRECTLY FROM NXT UK!

The three begin to attack everyone leaving them on the ground in the square in pain. Cora Jade vs Roxanne Perez Shortly before the match we see backstage Roxanne who is interviewed saying that she would never have imagined challenging her best friend and that she is a little nervous about this match, but as soon as she enters she does not waste time and runs into the ring, ringing the bell and jumping.

on Cora. The two fight in and out of the ring with terrible wickedness and at one point, tired of not being able to finish the match, Cora recovers her stick but fails with an attempt to hit Roxanne, who recovers the stick.

and he's about to hit her, but then he throws it away because he doesn't want to hurt her, only her ex-best friend isn't quite as nice and does a DDT on top of it before pinning her for a count of three.