NXT: Gallus has serious intentions

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NXT: Gallus has serious intentions

Going backstage, the Gallus intercepts the two NXT UK duo champions, challenging them because they want to take the titles back home and the brawl is blocked by security. All or Nothing Street Fight: Tony D'Angelo vs Santos Escobar We remind you that if Santos wins the match, then the Legado Del Fantasma returns with him, if instead Tony wins, the Mexican leader will have to leave NXT.

Here, too, the match starts practically immediately with a stroke of the chair by Escobar and then the bell rings and the two begin the real contest, probably the most awaited. Being a Street Fight there are obviously no disqualifications, so the two can use all the items they want also for their associates it is easy to intervene to help them, which actually happens, in and out of the ring.

Gallus intervenes

Gallus’ arrival could also lead to a match between the two sides at Clash at the Castle. WWE could use some UK Superstars to build hype around the event. At one point Tony accidentally lands Elektra out of the square, but he slams the boxes highly and hits Santos in the lower parts throwing him into the ring, but the luchador resists and attacks him.

At the end on either side of the two, who are kneeling in the ring, there are a brass knuckle and a crowbar, they look at each other and then run to take the two weapons, but the Don manages to hit him first, knocking him down and pinning him.

Santos Escobar is officially out of NXT and the audience sings Legado Legado Legado like there's no tomorrow, even as we pass backstage. Will Santos go to the main roster? Stay connected to find out. Going backstage Indi Hartwell talks to the couple champions Kayden and Katana, but is interrupted by a love letter from her DEXIIIIIII, but unfortunately, Blair Davenport of NXT UK snatches it from her hands and then tears it completely and Indi asks her: "Who the hell are you?" And the wrestler replies: "I'm Blair Davenport, the future NXT champion." During a short break, we see a video of Wendy Choo and Tiffany Stratton who are tired of how one treats the other and we are told that next week the two will compete in a Lights Out Match.

TAG MATCH: Enofé & Blade vs Pretty Deadly; we are witnessing a very friendly match between the two teams who do not spare themselves. Pretty Deadly repeatedly attempted to upset their opponents until they were interrupted by NXT UK Tag Team Champions Briggs and Jensen.