WWE presents NXT Europe

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WWE presents NXT Europe

A real revolution's come about in the WWE. NXT UK, the federation's brand active in Great Britain (or, to be more precise, the United Kingdom) will now extend to the whole of Europe. This was announced by WWE itself in a press release on its corporate website.

"WWE® (NYSE: WWE) announced today that the NXT brand will grow internationally with the creation of the all-new NXT Europe, with launch scheduled for 2023," the statement said. "After the success of our live events and talent identification efforts across Europe, we believe this is the perfect time to expand NXT beyond the UK," said Shawn Michaels, Vice President of Creative Talent Development at WWE.

"Launched in 2016 - WWE recalls on its official website - NXT UK has received critical acclaim and has enabled the growth of talent now on the WWE main roster, such as Rhea Ripley, Doudrop, Gunther and Butch. NXT Europe will reinvent the brand and its continuous development of talents, with a focus that will embrace the whole of Europe".

Here is the same note, as distributed by WWE on Twitter.

NXT Europe is born

WWE then announced an event that will effectively mark the transition from the old NXT UK to the new product: "Prior to the debut of NXT Europe, Worlds Collide, a premium live event featuring Superstars from NXT and NXT UK, will be aired by I live on Sunday, September 4 at 4 p.m.

ET (New York time, equivalent to ours) on Peacock in the US and on the WWE Network in the rest of the world." The big news was promptly commented by Triple H, "father" of the old NXT and NXT UK and now head of the creative department of the entire WWE.

"The growth of #WWENXT to include all of Europe will not only bring variety and opportunity to compete in the ring but also the recruitment and development of athletes from around the world. WWE wants the best from around the world !!!", wrote The Game in a Twitter post.

Today, WWE's PR account on Twitter announced that Shawn Michaels confirmed the launch of NXT Europe. The veteran exclusively spoke to Metro UK about the ground-breaking development and noted: "It’s just a natural expansion of things because that brand, since 2016, has been fantastic.

Yes, it’s been quiet and underneath the radar, but I don’t think you’ll find anybody that wouldn’t argue that it’s been a real quality product from its existence."