What will happen on NXT now?

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What will happen on NXT now?

In recent months, WWE has set its creative process in motion in a very broad way, especially at NXT, where it wanted to make numerous changes and numerous innovations, with the third roster of the federation changing everything from the set of lights to the colors of the brand, up to the Superstar logo, arena and roster, with the advent of the second version of NXT, which has literally revolutionized the entire brand.

Now, NXT is in fact called NXT 2.0, with the absolute champion of the roster who succeeded Tommaso Ciampa (and Dolph Ziggler at a later time), Bron Breakker, who is the clear prototype of a wrestler that company (or rather the old Chairman) wanted for its future, especially at NXT, where there is all the new generation that will be the future of the main roster on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

After the advent of the second version of NXT, however, WWE wanted a clean slate in the company's backstage, with several executives who were fired overnight, such as William Regal, Samoa Joe, and Road Dogg. After an initial period of novelty, however, it seems that in WWE there is no good prospect for the future of the new brand, with the new creative management, led by Triple H, who is thinking of starting a real "war" internal, between the UK version of NXT and the US version.


As reported by Bryan Alvarez during the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, it seems that WWE is intent on building an internal feud between the two factions of the third brand, with the well-known journalist who had also stated well before the announcement of the same WWE of the "death" of NXT UK, like next September 4th, the McMahon company would hold an event with NXT vs NXT UK as opposed to AEW's All Out.

In his speech, Alvarez stated: "I learned that today they have sent out a newsletter to fans, in which they say that there will be a special NXT TakeOver style show on September 4th, the same day as AEW All Out. It seems that NXT vs NXT UK is at the center of this show, so Hunter will bet everything on this." In the end, as we could see from the announcement of the WWE itself, this event will be Worlds Collide, a show that has also been staged in the past years.

and that will see both the UK version of NXT and the US athletes battle it out, with an internal fight that will leave fans breathless. Once again, the Observer reporters came first over many other industry peers, revealing something WWE had been studying for some time hours before the official announcement.