Lots of NXT superstars released

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Lots of NXT superstars released

The transformation from NXT UK to NXT Europe is not just good news for everyone. A few hours after the announcement of the expansion of the British brand to the rest of Europe, in fact, a long series of athletes who worked in the Old Continent for the WWE was let go.

Each of them chose Twitter to communicate the bitter news to the world. Among the first to announce the news was Flash Morgan Webster, who was also Tag Team champion at NXT UK. "... WWE and I have reached an agreement on the terms of my release.

I want to thank them for all the opportunities they have given me over the past 5 years and for assisting me during an injury. I can't wait to find out. what awaits me now. See you soon," he wrote on Twitter. Similar fate also for Wild Boar, who was a tag team partner of Primate in The Hunt group.

"As of today I am no longer under contract with WWE. It was a crazy experience and I am grateful for everything it has offered me: I am looking forward to finding out what will come in the future and I am FREMENDO in anticipation of returning to the top.

that ring and GO!" he wrote in turn on Twitter.

Lots of releases on NXT

Mark Andrews, also known as Mandrews, leaves NXT UK. Former couple mate (and champion) with Flash Morgan Webster, he also fought at 205 Live and in turn used similar words towards the company he just left.

"After six fantastic years with WWE, my time with the company has come to an end. I can't wait to find out what happens next," was his Twitter post. Dave Mastiff instead chose an animated gif of Napoleon Dynamite to suggest his goodbye to WWE and NXT UK.

He also greeted Jack Starz, who unlike others in saying goodbye to NXT UK has clearly expressed his desire to return to work for the company in the future. "I am grateful. Thank you, WWE. Until we meet again," he wrote in fact.

Among the athletes WWE released after their NXT UK experience was also Millie McKenzie, who tweeted a photo of herself on a WWE ramp as she was ready to step into the ring. It's far from over in professional wrestling for her, but her time in WWE has come to an end.

She has included a thank you to the company to indicate her departure. Finally, the company decided to divide its paths from those of Amale, who in a tweet in her native language (French) greeted NXT UK thanking WWE, explaining however that "a page turns, but the story will continue to write. Thanks #NXTUK."