What will happen on NXT?

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What will happen on NXT?

A real revolution has shaken WWE from its foundations. NXT UK, the federation's brand active in Great Britain (or, to be more precise, the United Kingdom) will now extend to all of Europe. This was announced by WWE itself in a press release on its corporate website.

"WWE® (NYSE: WWE) announced today that the NXT brand will grow internationally with the creation of the all-new NXT Europe, with launch scheduled for 2023," the opening piece of the release states. Unfortunately, with this change, which will lead the company to do a Worlds Collide on September 4 on the weekend of Clash At The Castle in Wales, WWE has also fired some wrestlers.

The latest news on NXT

A new report from Fightful Select has now offered a bit more background on the situation, including news that a released talent had only recently signed a new deal and we're talking about Flash Morgan Webster.

The report states that while those within the brand felt that change was coming, no one was quite prepared for how drastic the changes would be. As for layoffs, some stars didn't want to move to the US, while others thought there wasn't enough monetary gain in their WWE journey.

Fightful also added that several UK promoters are confident that the UK promotion market will benefit from these redundancies as many good wrestlers have been "stolen" by NXT UK for its launch and can now be free. agent and run for various indie promotions.

In a recent interview on Witty Whittier's YouTube channel, the Austrian superstar claimed that he enjoyed working in empty arenas for NXT UK in 2021-21: “I enjoyed those events we had in empty arenas [in NXT UK],” he said.

“Our shows happened in an empty building … For the style I have, a very physical style in the ring, I think I benefited from it a lot too. But to finally be back in an arena with an audience and have that feeling back is definitely the preferred choice”.

Gunther recently took to Twitter to comment on the announcement of WWE forming NXT Europe. Below, is a list of the fired wrestlers: Flash Morgan Webster
Wild Boar
Jack Starz
Mark Andrews
Love her
Emilia McKenzie
Kirsty Bosley (Ring Announcer)
Dave Mastiff
Ashton Smith
Sha Samuels
Nina Samuels
Sam Gradwell
Dani Luna
You first
Rohan Raja
Kenny Williams
Trent Seven
Amir Jordan
Sid Scala
Eddie Dennis
Xia Brookside
Saxon Huxley