Two NXT world titles will be merged

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Two NXT world titles will be merged

The transformation from NXT UK to NXT Europe is not just good news for the brand as a whole. A few hours after the announcement of the expansion of the British brand to the rest of Europe, in fact, a long series of athletes who worked in the Old Continent for WWE have announced that their adventure for Stamford's partner is unfortunately destined to end.

with several of them having been released or asked for a release. As reported by Bryan Alvarez during one of the last editions of the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, it seems that WWE is willing to build an internal feud between the two factions of the third brand, namely NXT USA and NXT UK, with the well-known journalist who also had stated well before WWE's own announcement of NXT UK's "death", such as September 4th, the McMahon company would hold an event with NXT vs NXT UK as opposed to AEW's All Out, which will obviously be Worlds Collide.

Furthermore, in the episode of NXT aired this night, the WWE has also raised the stakes significantly, confirming a titled unification, for the two absolute titles of the two brands.

NXT prepares surprises

In the episode of the WWE color show, tonight we saw Bron Breakker go once again to challenge NXT UK champion, Tyler Bate, who appeared on NXT's televisions to hype fans over the birth of NXT Europe.

Just Bate, after talking about NXT Europe, also challenged Breakker to a unification match for their two titles at Worlds Collide, which Breakker willingly accepted, with WWE having a single title and a single champion for NXT, as happened on the main roster, when The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns went to fight Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania, with both world titles up for grabs during the evening.

From 4 September onwards, therefore, we will see only one champion at NXT, who will carry on his feuds, perhaps even challenged by the athletes of the European part of the brand. Intercontinental Champion Gunther recently sent a message following WWE's massive announcement of their new brand, NXT Europe.

"The whole of Europe has a rich history of Pro Wrestling. In the last decade, a lot of people have unselfishly put in the work to revive this great sport at our doorsteps. I'm excited for the talent and fans," tweeted Gunther. WWE's PR account on Twitter announced that Shawn Michaels confirmed the launch of NXT Europe.