NXT: Dexter Lumis was arrested

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NXT: Dexter Lumis was arrested

Since his shock return to WWE, Dexter Lumis has kept fans in suspense, appearing multiple times at ringside, wreaking havoc backstage and acting like a stalker. In the episode of Raw on Monday, which aired in Toronto, he even "kidnapped" The Miz, dragging him away from the arena.

We do not know, at the moment, his real target. The storyline continued dramatically last night at NXT 2.0 where Dexter Lumis was taken away in handcuffs by the police. Before that happened, Lumis had time to share an emotional moment with Indi Hartwell, his old flame (the two were married in the ring).

After losing a match to NXT UK's Blair Davenport, Indi held a promo asking her where she was. At that point, the cameras showed Lumis, positioned on the other side of the ring, and the two exchanged great effusions. The hints of a return to the flame had already occurred during NXT Heatwave when Indi had received a particular ticket.

Dexter Lumis returns to NXT

Before being arrested, the former NXT star left his beloved a farewell note (for now), telling her he loves her forever. The audience did not appreciate Lumis' arrest, singing the chorus "This is Bullsh - t".

We will see how this storyline will continue and if Indi can also reach the main roster. Dexter Lumis' creative management in WWE was also particularly popular with Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff. These are his words: "It was a really cool thing and it sounds so cool right? It's a pretty basic storyline and it doesn't get much out of the usual lines of writing, which seems ridiculous to me, but seeing where we're going 'Wow, it was really cool." Lumis was one of Triple H's proteges at NXT and was also part of the stable The Way, headed by Johnny Gargano (who also sensationally returned to WWE).

We will see how he continues to be managed on the main roster. Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently joked about Dexter Lumis having the same expression on his face whenever he makes an appearance. "What's interesting about this situation with Dexter is that there's so many layers to him.

So many emotions and he has the same expression on his face the whole time." Wrestling veteran and former WWE employee Vince Russo was impressed by Dexter Lumis' impromptu appearance on Monday Night RAW. I swear to God bro, the highlight of this show for me, the only thing that I liked was Sam Shaw's facial expressions. That was it."