NXT Superstar of the Year has been revealed

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NXT Superstar of the Year has been revealed

In the last year of NXT, there have been countless changes with WWE's third roster, with new logos, new graphics, new arenas and new athletes appearing in front of Stamford's company cameras to entertain WWE Universe fans.

with such changes that were mostly wanted by the company's former Chairman, Vince McMahon. After the departure of the historic Chairman, now permanently removed from the WWE due to the extramarital scandal that saw him as a protagonist in recent weeks, Triple H has returned to fully take over all the brands, including his NXT, which just this night saw its logo return to simply that of NXT, without numbers and with the black and gold colors it had before.

In addition to having a new logo, which will only be adopted from next week, the WWE tonight also wanted to nominate the Superstar of the year, as regards its NXT, with the name of that athlete who could only be that of the absolute champion of the brand, also won by World's Collide: Bron Breakker.

Bron Breakker is NXT Superstar of the Year

During the episode aired tonight of NXT, fans of the McMahon company were able to vote for their favorite Superstar, who in their opinion has made the most difference in this past year, since NXT became NXT 2.0, with the name of Bron Breakker, absolute champion of the brand, who obviously emerged as the winner of the poll.

Just yesterday, September 13, WWE celebrated a year of anniversary since the rebrand of NXT in NXT 2.0, with Triple H instead wanting to return to its original brand, eliminating the numbers of the second version, with Breakker triumphing in the poll of the audience of the WWE Universe.

We recall how the athlete made his debut challenging Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT title at Halloween Havoc in 2021 and managed in a short time to carve out his very important share of NXT, first winning a world title, then losing it against Dolph Ziggler and finally win it back against the same Show-Off in the episode of Raw on April 4th.

Since then for Bron Breakker there have only been great triumphs in the NXT rings, including victory at World's Collide, where the son of art combined both the NXT and NXT UK titles. In an episode of In the Kliq, Dolph Ziggler talked about NXT and was asked who he wanted to see on the main roster, to which he answered Toxic Attraction.

"I really really enjoyed Mandy's group (Toxic Attraction). Because I hadn't been paying attention, and I was like 'Hey Mandy, she's killing it, that's great.' " Dolph said "They have this entrance, they have this look down, they looked like the were dominating the show. They called the shots."