Yulisa Leon suffered a serious injury

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Yulisa Leon suffered a serious injury

During the September 13 episode of WWE NXT, Yulisa Leon revealed to Valentina Feroz and Sanga that she will be out of action for up to 9 months after saying she suffered a muscle tear. It is clear that she suffered a knee injury because she was wearing a knee brace, but it was not specified which ligament of her was torn.

Sanga then replied that they needed to turn something negative into something positive and that now would be the right time to make Valentina shine in single. Prior to this, Valentina and Yulisa had formed a highly regarded tag team, fighting on the NXT and NXT Level Up shows.

Shortly after the announcement, Valentina Feroz wanted to make a post on Twitter with a photo of her and Yulisa holding hands and the inscription: "You will come back even stronger and we will be together again and I will be by your side." Of course we at World Wrestling wish the wrestler a speedy recovery hoping to see her return as soon as possible, even if 9 months is a really long time.

Backstage news on Yulisa Leon

Yulisa Leon is not the only wrestler who has been hit by a major knee injury in the past two years. Bayley, Zoey Stark, but also Kris Statlander in All Elite Wrestling come to mind. However, for example, Zoey Stark in the meantime managed to contribute to the development of NXT by becoming a producer: "To become a better artist, the number one.

I knew I would be back and I knew that producing would help me in the ring. When you coach someone , two people are learning. I'm learning at the same time too because now I have to think about it. It's amazing to be able to do both roles.

You get a different side of, 'Oh, that's what producers go through, I had no idea." We at World Wrestling will continue to follow everything, for this reason tune in constantly on our site, on our social networks and through our digital content such as the Twitch Open Wrestling TV channel in which every week, on Wednesdays at 19, is broadcast on NeXT Big Thing program, a format that talks about all aspects, scenarios, anecdotes and curiosities about the world of NXT and that you can also find on Instagram where some interesting posts are made about the brand.

Meanwhile, WWE RAW Superstar Dolph Ziggler expressed that he wanted to see Toxic Attraction on the main roster. "I really really enjoyed Mandy's group (Toxic Attraction). Because I hadn't been paying attention, and I was like 'Hey Mandy, she's killing it, that's great.'

" Dolph said "They have this entrance, they have this look down, they looked like the were dominating the show. They called the shots."