*Spoiler* Quincy Elliot competed in his debut match

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*Spoiler* Quincy Elliot competed in his debut match

Let's move on to the next match that sees the debut of a new athlete. SINGLES MATCH: Quincy Elliot vs Sean Gallagher; Sean tries to worry Quincy but he shows a perfect fusion of agility and power and takes home the victory in a matter of seconds.

Result: Super Diva Quincy Elliot's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with a different match than usual as it sees an athlete face 2 opponents. HANDICAP MATCH: D'Angelo Family vs Cameron Grimes; Grimes tries them all but the numerical superiority is still felt.

When everything seems to be going for the worst, a figure named Joe Gacy appears at the end of Grimes's tunnel. The leader of the Schism manages to take the change and once inside he gets rid of both opponents quite easily by focusing his attention on poor Channing.

Grimes, however, does not willingly accept Joe's help. D'Angelo manages to drag Cameron out of the ring but he manages to quickly return to the ring to take down Channing with his now proven crossbody in rotation and then hit Tony with the Caveman.

Joe only has to score the springboard lariat to get the winning pin on Channing. Result: Joe Gacy and Cameron Grimes pinfall win.

Quincy Elliot made an extravagant entrance

Known as The SuperDiva, Quincy Elliot competed in his debut match on WWE NXT.

Post match we see Joe Gacy trying in every way to be appreciated by Cameron Grimes but he categorically refuses to hug Joe. The reluctant Cameron ends up being shot down with Dyad's Ticket to Mayhem and Joe Gacy's spriongboard lariat.

Now it's time for another all-female match. TAG MATCH: Lyons & Stark vs James & Grace; Lyons and Stark are in perfect harmony and are able to do what they want with their opponent. We see Nikkita take Grace down with a devastating kick to the face with which she only gets a 2 count.

Stark's entry certainly confirms the progress of the match even though Kiana somehow manages to repel the attacks. of his opponent. Arianna Grace takes back the change but the situation does not change much with Stark who before her knocks her down with a shinnig wizard and then knocks down Kiana with a superkick.

Nikkita finally manages to get the change and then knocks down Arianna with a superkick followed by the tried and tested split pin. Result: Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark pinned win.