*Spoiler* Solo Sikoa is unstoppable

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*Spoiler* Solo Sikoa is unstoppable

We are almost at the end but first we have the penultimate match of the evening. SINGLES MATCH: Hank Walker vs Javier Bernal; We see Hank, who we remember being hired as a security officer, literally do what he wants with his opponent by throwing him across the ring like a sack of potatoes.

Javier tries to fight back but Hank has no intention of getting his feet on his head and after exiting a sleeperhold he manages to land a hip-toss followed by a series of blows to the face and a series of avalanche attacks, the all concluded by running lariat followed by the final pin.

Result: Hank Walker's pinfall victory. So here we are at the last match of the evening which sees one of the men's titles that has held the most in the last period up for grabs. We are first offered a video where it is possible to see Hayes and Williams attack poor Wes Lee causing him an injury and thus preventing him from taking part in the titled match.

The two now show up in the ring where they claim they did Wes Lee a favor for keeping him from making a fool of himself in front of the audience. The two are literally high but the situation changes when the music of Solo Sikoa plays in the arena.

Solo Sikoa made his entrance and said that he will have a shot at the North American Championship.

Solo Sikoa vs. Carmelo Hayes

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE'S MATCH: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Solo Sikoa; Sikoa is loaded with buckshot and manages to repel any attack from a Carmelo who does not know what fish to take.

After an avalanche attack, Solo attempts the hip attack but Carmelo is saved by Trick Williams. Only he does not give up and after having brought Carmelo back into the ropes, he throws him right against Trick. The fight continues with Solo continuing to do what he wants.

After a devastating superkick followed by a Samoan drop he finally manages to score the hip attack. Solo attempts a samoan drop again but is interrupted again by Trick Williams who allows Carmelo to score with a codebreaker.

Sikoa does not go to the mat so Carmelo tries again to attack but is knocked down with a Samoan drop pop-up followed by an attempted pin that reaches 2.99. Williams tries again to intervene but Sikoa knocks him down with a superkick and then crashes Carmelo to the mat before scoring a splash from the top of the stake which is followed by the final pin. Result: Solo Sikoa's pinfall wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.