*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov is finally back

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*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov is finally back

The third WWE brand would seem to return, step by step, to the glories of the past thanks to Triple H. At the end of the first anniversary of NXT 2.0, in fact, a video was shown with a new logo that recalled the "Black and Gold" It was run by Hunter himself.

The intention is to create a hybrid between the two products. In the meantime, the recordings of the next episodes were held and there was no shortage of surprises. During the tapings of the episode that will air on Tuesday 20 September, in fact, Ilja Dragunov made her surprise return, well known to WWE fans for being NXT UK Champion after dethroning Walter (now Gunther) at the end of a match very physical.

The Russian wrestler stepped into the ring to confront current NXT Champion Bron Breakker and former challenger JD McDonagh (formerly Jordan Devlin).

Ilja Dragunov returned to NXT

Ilja Dragunov and Devlin had already clashed at NXT UK in a "loser leaves brand" match won by the Russian.

The Irishman then landed on NXT 2.0 with this new gimmick, new character and new theme song. After becoming champion of the British brand in August 2021 Dragunov successfully defended the title on seven occasions only to have to make it vacant due to an injury.

WWE decided to organize a tournament won by Tyler Bate, who then gave away the NXT UK Championship in a "Title Unification" match against Breakker at NXT Worlds Collide. The meeting was won by Rick Steiner's son and the British brand's title was definitively withdrawn also following the official closure of NXT UK.

In 2023, we remember, WWE will stage NXT Europe, a global expansion project strongly backed by Triple H and started years ago before Vince McMahon cut off his legs (metaphorically speaking). We will therefore see if Breakker, Dragunov and McDonagh will clash in the near future: the triple threat match could be the main event of Halloween Havoc, scheduled for October, a new NXT event that will return to take over the word TakeOver.

Triple H and NXT creative head Shawn Michaels' recent tweets have fueled the rumors of this drastic transformation, which are making waves on social media. "#WeAreNXT," tweeted Triple H. The Heartbreak Kid celebrated NXT 2.0's first anniversary and dropped hints at the impending change in the future.

Check out his tweet below: "Tonight we celebrate one year of #WWENXT 2.0 and look to the future!!! #WeAreNXT," tweeted Shawn Michaels.