Matt Riddle on Losing to Dream

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Matt Riddle on Losing to Dream

Matt Riddle is a former MMA fighter and he is now a full-time professional wrestler. He is one of the few MMA fighters to switch to professional wrestling after not getting successful in the world of MMA. Matt Riddle competed against North American Champion, Velveteen Dream at TakeOver in a losing effort.

Matt Riddle has spent a long time wrestling on the indie circuit and this was his first big opportunity at the WWE. Although he lost, NXT fans got to see just how technically sound Matt Riddle is. During a backstage interview, Riddle spoke about his loss and he also praised Dream.

"You know, initially I was heartbroken, I'm upset," Riddle said. "I got here, I made my appearance here, I came back here, I had the title shot. I was literally this close from beating The Dream. The guy's crafty, there's a reason why he has the title and he is where he is, and he got me tonight.

Do I think he will get me next time? No, but I don't know when my next opportunity will be. So, right now I'm a little down but we're also in New York, so I'm probably gonna get some sweet pizza, maybe a couple beverages, and I think The Bro will nurse his wounds, and come back stronger, and smarter." This is a true show of sportsmanship by the former MMA fighter.