*Spoiler* Nathan Frazer put out a solid performance

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*Spoiler* Nathan Frazer put out a solid performance

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening opens in a very particular way. In fact, we see the NXT North American Champion Solo Sikoa with Carmelo Hayes inside Shawn Michaels' office with the latter communicating to Sikoa that unfortunately last week's match cannot be considered valid as he did not have the right to challenge the sample.

In fact, we remember how Hayes should have faced Wes Lee while, after brutally attacking him in the locker room, he found himself not having a challenger and it was only Sikoa who came forward with a masterful performance who took home the title.

The problem is that the match was not officially sanctioned and Solo Sikoa is no longer part of NXT. Only Sikoa is therefore deprived of the title which she reluctantly leaves if encouraged by Shawn in view of his career in Smackdown or Raw or where his way in WWE will take him.

Hayes is therefore convinced that he can take the title back but Shawn reminds him that this would be the easy way and that in wrestling the easy way is not always the best solution and that sometimes you end up getting hurt when you take it.

Michaels then communicates to Hayes that he, along with 4 other athletes, will have to qualify in order to participate in a ladder match that will take place at Halloween Havoc and which will obviously see the NXT North American Champion up for grabs.

So let's start with the first match of the evening which sees the best of 3 matches between two very interesting athletes continue. The best-of-three series between Axiom and Nathan Frazer continued with its second match on this week’s WWE NXT.

Nathan Frazer vs. Axiom

SINGLES MATCH: Nathan Frazer vs Axiom; An interesting match is proposed to us with the two who repeatedly attempt to roll-up until Axiom decides to attempt a submission maneuver which, however, is not successful.

The two continue to exchange blows with Axiom who at one point is one step away from victory with a pin pulled out of nowhere. Axiom is loaded with buckshot and after having kicked Frazer in the face, he engages in a running maneuver promptly interrupted by the opponent with a devastating superkick which is followed by an attempted pin but does not succeed.

The clash then moves to the stake from which Axiamo scores a butterfly suplex which is followed by yet another pin attempt which, however, stops at 2. Both have no intention of yielding to their opponent but Frazer seems to have something more so that out of nowhere leaps to the top of the pole where it reaches Axiom to knock it down with a superplex followed by an elevated swinning neckbreaker.

Not happy Frazer returns once again to the stake where he tries his hand at the Phoenix Splash to which he follows the count of 3. Result: Nathan Frazer won by pinfall who then got the tie in the series reaching Axiom at 1 to 1.