*Spoiler* Excellent debut for Oro Mensah


*Spoiler* Excellent debut for Oro Mensah

Now it's time for the promo held by Schism. Reed and Fowler let us know that anyone who goes against them will not be spared, while anyone who decides to stand by their side under the shadow of the Schism tree will have nothing to fear.

Their intention is to make the world a better place and that they will do everything to achieve this. Joe Gacy then takes the floor and obviously turns to Cameron Grimes promising himself that he will do everything to make this part of his movement.

To reach the Schism, however, are Enofe and Blade who then start a fight with Reed and Fowler. The fight can only turn into a real match. TAG MATCH: Enofè and Blade vs Dyad; Fowler tries to keep Blade at bay but thanks to his agility he manages to avoid most of the attacks and to take over from Enofè.

The newcomer after a short team work knocks down his opponent with an outstretched arm on the rope getting only a 2 count. Now it's up to Dyad to work as a team with Reed who only gets a 2 count. Enofè, however, is loaded with buckshot and does not willingly accept the Dyad offensive, managing to repel any type of attack.

After releasing Blade, the two engage in a combined maneuver that sees Blade land a jumping standing leg drop by jumping over his partner's head but only getting a 2 count. Enofè and Blade continue to work as a team but Reed manages to knock Blade out of the ring.

The Dyad then focuses on Enofè who is shot down first by a Canadian Destroy and then by the Ticket to Mayhem. Result: victory by pinfall of the Dyad. Now we see a short promo where Roxenne Perez has a verbal confrontation with Meiko Satomura.

The two exchange mutual respectful words with Roxenne which she concludes by saying that the next time she faces Cora Jade she will finally be up to her. So let's move on to the next match which is still all female. Meanwhile, Oro Mensah was ready for his first match on WWE NXT.

Oro Mensah was ready for his first match on WWE NXT

Back in the ring, Oro Mensah hit a spinning heel kick to pick up a massive win on his debut. SINGLES MATCH: Cora Jade vs Wendy Choo; we are witnessing an interesting match with Wendy who manages to put poor Cora in serious difficulty, who is forced to work dirty to get the contest back in hand.

After having gobbled up her opponent with the help of the low rope, Cora in di lei begins to work on poor Wendy's back, always taking advantage of her ropes. Wendy, however, is not there and she begins a come back by scoring an outstretched arm followed by a belly to belly suplex and a wheel followed by an elbow.

Not happy, Wendy also scores with a German suplex and then attempts an avalanche attack dodged by Cora Jade who in response scores her DDT. Result: Cora Jade's pinfall victory.

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