*Spoiler* JD McDonagh continues to shine

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*Spoiler* JD McDonagh continues to shine

We are made aware of the fact that Wes Lee will face Tony D'Angelo in the qualifying match for the ladder match valid for the NXT North American Championship which will be held in Halloween Havoc. Let's move on to the next match which will see the first participant in the ladder match mpmchè decreed the debut of a new athlete.

SINGLES MATCH: Gold Mensah vs Grayson Waller; We see Grayson playing his way with his opponent using the ropes and hitting him repeatedly in the back of the head. The audience is all against Grayson who, however, seems galvanized by the thing enough to increase the violence of his attacks by hitting Gold with a series of elbows.

However, Oro decides to respond and does so with a moonsault springboard and then attempts a suplex exploder which, however, does not go well, thus deciding to perform a reversed kick. Waller decides to take refuge outside the ring where he comes face to face with Apollo Crews.

Gold takes advantage of the moment of distraction to hit the mark with a suicide and then bring the opponent back to the ring and land a running spinning heel kick with the opponent at the stake and then perform the final pin.

Result: Oro Mensah's pinfall wins and takes first place in the ladder match valid for the North American Championship. We have therefore reached the grand finale. Bitter rivals JD McDonagh and Tyler Bate competed in the show's main event this week.

JD McDonagh and Bate put on an incredible fight

MAIN EVENT-N.1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Bate vs JD McDonagh; Before the contenders enter, we witness the arrival of the NXT Champion Bron Breakker ready to find out who will be his next challenger.

It goes without saying that we are witnessing a highly technical match with McDonagh who tries in every way to weaken his opponent with a series of joint keys. The two give them a good reason, ending up starting to give each other a series of blows to the face which Bate ended with a devastating punch.

Tayler then tries to score his proven outstretched arm with a rebound on the rope which is transformed into a standing spanish fly by McDonagh. Bate seems out of action now but manages to prevent the pinfall by trimming yet another punch in the face to MCDonagh who ends up on the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Bate then moves to the stake where he is joined by JD. The two begin an exchange of blows won by Bate who then tries the butterfly powerbomb but is rejected by JD who in response hits Tayler with a header and then ventures into the Spanish fly followed by the tested Deviln Side. Result: JD McDonagh's pinfall wins and he gets another chance to challenge NXT Champion Bron Breakker.