*Spoiler* Joe Gacy continues to amaze

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*Spoiler* Joe Gacy continues to amaze

SINGLES MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Fallon Henley; We witness a pleasant match with Fallon who manages to worry the champion who, however, manages to manage the match thanks to her experience. Mandy begins to play psychologically with her opponent who is not there and she decides to press the accelerator.

After a devastating chop, she hits the mark with a forearm strike while the champion is hanging from the first rope. Mandy, however, has no intention of making a bad impression and after the fall away slam she scores with a spear at the stake where she begins to hit poor Fallon repeatedly and then she too groped the pin.

The champion also begins to work on the resistance of the opponent with a series of submission maneuvers which, however, do not have the desired effect as Fallon manages to get rid of her and then she too goes to perform the pin after a facebuster.

The two begin an exchange of blows which Mandy puts an end to with her running knee attack. Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall victory. Post match we see a short promo from Mandy Rose accusing Alba Fyre of simply being jealous because she was able to conquer 2 continents by unifying the NXT Women’s Championship and the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Not happy Mandy invites Alba to give up the attempt to conquer the highest female title of NXT. In response, Alba shows herself on the big screen where with her flaming club, she lights up an inscription that reads #ANDNEW.

Weeks of buildup led to a match between Joe Gacy and Cameron Grimes on this week's WWE NXT.

Joe Gacy and Cameron Grimes competed

The distraction allowed Joe Gacy to take control of the contest and get a near fall off a big DDT.

SINGLES MATCH: Wes Lee vs Tony D'Angelo; Tony tries to repel Wes’s attacks but the latter’s athleticism makes his job very complicated. Channing Lorenzo comes to the rescue of the Italian American who, after being shot down with a diving crossbody above the third rope, decides to get into the ring with the clear intention of hitting Wes Lee, risking costing the victory to Tony D'Angelo who promptly stops him.

At least he tries considering that Channing manages to give Wes a shove and ends up being kicked backstage. The battle continues with Wes trying to take advantage of this moment of advantage without succeeding. Tony D'Angelo in fact equaled being in full control of the match until in an attempted avalanche attack he ended up being tripped by Wes Lee violently slamming his face against the protection of the second rope.

What is usually an action that we are used to constantly seeing in the rings all over the world, this time does not go as expected. In fact, D'Angelo is no longer able to get back on his feet forcing the referee to interrupt the match by declaring the injury of the Italian American and thus handing the victory into the hands of Wes Lee.