*Spoiler* Nikkita Lyons is unleashed

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*Spoiler* Nikkita Lyons is unleashed

We are then introduced to the next match with a short spot starring Cameron Grimes and SCHISM. SINGLES MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Joe Gacy; We see a very aggressive Grimes score with a series of kicks on Gacy who decides to take refuge on the ropes forcing the referee to intervene.

Gacy is rescued from the DYAD. Grimes is therefore having to face 3 opponents. Gacy takes the opportunity to take Grimes out of the ring where he hits him repeatedly before sending him back to the square. Resuming the regular contest, Grimes shows a hunger never seen before forcing Joe to take refuge outside the ring again.

Cameron decides to join him by performing a somersault from the apron with which he literally passes over the heads of the DYADs landing on Gacy. Back on the ropes Joe manages to take control of the match also attempting the pin after a DDT.

Cameron has no intention of giving up and rejects all of Joe's blows while also avoiding a side grip. Grimes then scores with a double kick in the face before preparing to score the Caveman. The DYAD, however, manages to distract Cameron who then grants the flank to Gacy who hits the mark with his arm outstretched on the ropes.

Result: Joe Gacy's pinfall win. Now let's move on to the next match in which one of the NXT. Nikkita Lyons took on one-half of the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter in a singles match this week.

Nikkita Lyons shone

Women’s Tag Team Champions is involved.

SINGLES MATCH: Kayden Carter vs Nikkita Lyons; Needless to say, we are offered a good match with the champion who tries to repel the attacks of her opponent several times. Nikkita tries to exploit her physicality managing to worry Kayden by knocking her down with a kick in the face.

After a grab attempt, Carter attempts to roll-up but Nikkita is literally immovable. Lyons then manages to score a hurricanerana using the stake, however, getting only a pin that stops on the 2 count. before being shot down with a Michinoku Driver followed by just another count of 2.

Kayden manages to hit the mark with a low dropkick getting only a 2 count before attempting an acrobatic maneuver using the ropes. Nikkita is not there and after unbalancing the opponent, she hits the mark with a reverse kick to her face followed by her canonical split pin. Result: Nikkita Lyons pinfall victory.