*Spoiler* Gallus furious after the defeat


*Spoiler* Gallus furious after the defeat

In the next match we will see 2 athletes compete against each other who until recently were walls of the same stable. SINGLES MATCH: Brutus Creed vs Damon Kemp; The basis of this match is certainly the hatred that the 2 have towards each other.

In fact, we see Brutus who doesn't even wait for Damon to step into the ring and decides to join him on the ramp. The two start a mini fight before returning to the ring and allowing the referee to start the match. Brutus immediately hits the mark with a side throw before being thrown badly against the stake.

Damon then manages to take matters into his own hands by trying to slow it down with a grip in the neck. Not happy he throws Brutus back against the stake. The Creed Brothers component, however, has no intention of being intimidated and manages to respond by throwing Damon out of the ring.

The former member of the Diamond Mine then decides to take a chair and repeatedly hit poor Brutus forcing other referees to intervene. Result: victory by disqualification of Brutus Creed. So here we are at the last match of the evening.

Gallus took on Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen in a Pub Rules match in the main event on Tuesday night.

Gallus has gone mad

MAIN EVENT-PUB RULES MATCH: Briggs & Jensen vs Gallus; Given the stipulation of the match we are simply witnessing a gigantic fight with the 4 athletes who use everything in their possession to cause pain to their opponents.

We see Briggs and Coffey engaged in a ringside exchange of shots with the help of trash can. Meanwhile Wolfgang is busy with Jensen on the square. Briggs and Jensen manage to land a combined maneuver before being joined by Coffey.

The 4 start an exchange of blows won by Briggs and Jensen that force the Gallus to retreat out of the ring. Back on the ropes Briggs and Jensen hit the Gallus with straps before hitting them in the face with empty beer mugs.

After putting poor Coffey in a basket, they focus on the other brother Coffey, who has come to the rescue of his companions, sending him to a table with a double kick. Wolfgang is also then crashed into a table. Briggs and Jensen then focus on Coffey knocking him down with their final maneuver while the Gallus component is still trapped in the trash. Result: Briggs and Jensen pinned to victory.

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