NXT changes its look again

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NXT changes its look again

In recent months, WWE has undergone numerous changes and numerous news that have gone around the world, changing what has been a consolidated reality for decades, leaving fans of the WWE Universe amazed. Only in the last few weeks, in fact, we have seen Vince McMahon end up in a huge cyclone due to his alleged affair (or more than one) extramarital affair with an employee, obviously with everything that has remained hidden by his wife Linda, only to see a big change within the WWE leadership, where John Laurinaitis and Vince himself have had to take a step back, from the roles they have carried on for years.

In the end, John Laurinaitis was sidelined and deposed as director of talent at WWE and finally silently fired, while instead Vince McMahon, shortly before an episode of Smackdown, decided to retire permanently from the position of Chairman, to enjoy his well-deserved retirement at the age of 80.

Vince's daughter Stephanie and the company's co-president Nick Khan took over as CEO, while the creative part of the federation was entrusted entirely to the federation's COO, as well as Steph's husband, Triple H.

Before leaving the scene, however, Vince McMahon also put his hand in a very important way on the NXT roster, changing its name, logo and all the graphics, with a new version of the brand completely different from the one initially wanted by the Triple.

Latest news on NXT

After seeing the return to a simple black and gold logo, as was the original Triple H's NXT, then distorted by the 2.0 version desired by the now former Chairman Vince McMahon, this night the WWE also discovered the new look of the third brand of the federation.

In the last two weeks, in fact, two previously recorded episodes had been staged, because the WWE was precisely working on the new graphics and the new look of the show, with the Performance Center which once again saw scripts, lighting sets, colors changed, seats, rings and much more.

But let's see from two photos posted on the well-known social Twitter, as it appears now that Triple H and Shawn Michaels have returned to fully manage NXT, the third WWE brand. On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that WWE plans to reveal a "new set of some sort" for NXT this evening on the USA Network.

"As I talked about a couple of days ago, there's gonna be a new set of some sort," Bryan Alvarez said. "But I was told it will not be as dramatic as the switch from NXT 1.0 to NXT 2.0. Which would be quite the task because that was a pretty dramatic shift."