*Spoiler* Huge return during NXT

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*Spoiler* Huge return during NXT

In recent months, WWE has begun a path of total renewal of its NXT, even going so far as to call its roster NXT 2.0, or a second version of NXT, much more colorful, with different environments, different sets of lights, different rosters and also numerous new Superstars and feuds never seen before in the third brand of the McMahon company.

Furthermore, in the very last period, WWE has sent several great characters from its main roster to perform at NXT, such as AJ Styles, who had a brief feud with Grayson Waller, Natalya still in action at NXT or Dolph Ziggler, who had also brought with him Robert Roode and who even held the position of being the absolute champion of the third WWE brand, becoming NXT Champion for a few months, only to lose again against the former champion, Bron Breakker.

After seeing the return of the roster to normal NXT, without any number, thanks to the return to the command of the Triple H creative team, several other young athletes on the main roster have returned to appear in the rings of the third brand of the federation, such as Nikki ASH and Doudrop or Ricochet, who challenged the category champions at Worlds Collide.

The Brawling Brutes return to NXT

After seeing characters like Commander Azeez or Apollo Crews return to the NXT rings in the past few weeks, tonight was the time for two Smackdown Superstars to return to the ring fighting that saw them take their first steps in WWE.

We are talking about Butch, who was formerly called Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland, both members of the Brawling Brutes along with Sheamus. The two were absent from the Friday Night Smackdown episode because due to Hurricane Ian they were unable to travel by car, arriving at the arena where the episode aired and thus left Sheamus alone, at the mercy of the Imperium, who heavily beat him up during the episode.

At NXT, however, the two British athletes attacked the duo champions, the Pretty Deadly, while they were doing their curtain at the "State of Commonwealth Address" On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that WWE plans to reveal a "new set of some sort" for NXT this evening on the USA Network.

"As I talked about a couple of days ago, there's gonna be a new set of some sort," Bryan Alvarez said. "But I was told it will not be as dramatic as the switch from NXT 1.0 to NXT 2.0. Which would be quite the task because that was a pretty dramatic shift."