*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes scored a brilliant victory

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*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes scored a brilliant victory

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening opens with NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly declaring that, as there are no rivals to their level, they will be champions forever. However, the two are interrupted by the Brawling Brutes (Holland and Dune) who, without too many words, attack them and chase them out of the ring to the ovation of the audience.

Let's move on to the first meeting. SINGLES MATCH: Carmelo Hayes vs Oro Mensah; We are witnessing a pleasant match with Oro who tries everything to put Carmelo in difficulty, but he always has that little bit more. The former North American Champion scores with a devastating DDT in the apron ring.

Back on the ropes the match continues to be in full control of Carmelo who also tries to hit his opponent with a low kick to the face but ends up with a roll-up from which he manages to free himself in time. Oro tries to soften Carmelo who, in response, knocks him down with an outstretched arm and then tries the pin which does not go well.

Gold tries to take the reins of the match and after a good German suplex manages to score with a back kick and then tries an avalanche attack with which he hits Williams (always present in Hayes' corner). Carmelo then takes the opportunity to score a codebreaker followed by his now tested Leg Drop from the third rope followed by the final pin.

Carmelo Hayes won

Oro Mensah was looking to score another big one on this week’s WWE NXT. He took on Carmelo Hayes to gain some momentum for the North American Championship Ladder Match. SINGLES MATCH: Andre Chase vs Von Wagner; Despite the clear physical difference, Chase really tries everything to worry his opponent and seems to succeed.

We see him being able to put Von on the ground and then work on his left leg. Von tries to respond with an avalanche attack but ends up violently hitting the stake with his left leg. Chase takes the opportunity to hit the target with a dropkick on his opponent's aching leg and then hit him repeatedly in the face and knock him down with a russiona leg sweep.

Attention shifts out of the ring where Robert Stone is shot down by Chase U guys under the watchful eyes of Andre. Wagner tries to take advantage of Chase's distraction but ends up undergoing a roll-up attempt that does not go beyond the count of 2.

Von in response then hits the mark with a big boot followed by the death valley drop followed by the count. of 3. Result: Von Wagner pinfall victory.