Latest news on Bobby Fish's status


Latest news on Bobby Fish's status

Bobby Fish was one of the protagonists of the Black & Gold era of NXT when, together with his stable Undisputed Era, he showed himself over and over again and even managed to become two-time champion of the development brand.

Last October he joined All Elite Wrestling after WWE fired him and found himself again with his former stablemates forming the Undisputed Elite, which unfortunately didn't last long and Fish left the company a September. Obviously with the return of Triple H to the command everyone thought he could return to WWE and instead he debuted at IMPACT on September 23 in the special Victory Road, even if, according to PWInsider, he remains a free agent, not having signed with the company of Scott D'Amore.

New details on Bobby Fish

According to our colleagues at Fightful, Bobby Fish made your return to WWE but remained well hidden backstage. In fact, the site reports that the performer was in the backstage of a recent NXT live event, acting as a guest coach.

The report further revealed that Anthony Greene was also spotted behind the scenes at the events. Greene is best known by his WWE name August Gray. He had a brief stint in the company from 2020 to 2021. We remind you that not even a month ago the writer Ryan Frederick of the Wrestling Observer said that Fish was trying to persuade his tag team partners Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to ask for release from the AEW so that he could return to the Stamford federation.

together. Fightful later denied this by saying that some WWE sources had told him that they had not in any way contacted Bobby Fish, so there was no connection with the other two as well, but it seems that things have changed.

We just have to wait a little longer to see further developments. Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on Bobby Fish potentially returning to WWE under Triple H's leadership. "I think he should (on Triple H hiring Bobby Fish).

Here's the thing, at this point, Fish was an important part of that group (Undisputed Elite). Fish is not gonna be a star on his own. He's an excellent worker, he's a trained athlete, and he could be an asset in a wrestling promotion either with his experience as a trainer or as a talent on the card because there's obviously not that many experienced talented workers around these days," said Cornette.

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