What will happen during NXT?


What will happen during NXT?

Halloween Havoc is just around the corner, in fact the scariest NXT Premium Live Event of the year will be held on Saturday 22 October 2022 with a very rich card that promises to entertain us in full Black & Gold style.

However, before arriving on Saturday, we must face the show this Tuesday, the usual weekly appointment that we at World Wrestling will comment on on the Twitch channel of Open Wrestling TV tomorrow evening at 9 pm, also making predictions of Halloween Havoc.

And it is precisely tonight's episode that will surely attract the most curious, even competing once again with the AEW, as Dynamite this week will exceptionally air on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. But leaving useless "wars" aside, let's focus on the fact that many main roster Superstars will be present at NXT.

The NXT preview

First of all, we remind you that, in view of their match at NXT Halloween Havoc, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade were given the opportunity to "choose their own poison", that is to use the Pick Your Poison Match where both could choose a challenger for his own enemy, with the former choosing Raquel Rodriguez from SmackDown and the latter Rhea Ripley from Raw, to try to weaken her before Saturday.

Then during the last episode of Raw, as we had also anticipated on our site, Cameron Grimes showed up, who was looking for two tag team partners to be able to face The Schism (Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid). And luckily he has found a fantastic tag team to back him up and we're talking about Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson who rejoined WWE just a week ago.

But that's not all, because through a video on Twitter, Kevin Owens announced that he will be present in the episode invited by Shawn Michaels, in order to keep things quiet between Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh in view of their match on Halloween.

Havoc. Should we temper our expectations regarding Triple H returning to take over the WWE NXT brand once again? "Last week, that Triple H story, it’s possible it was much ado about nothing," Bryan Alvarez said. "Because it wasn’t a scheduled meeting.

Triple H was in town for a birthday or something like that. He stopped by and talked to everybody. He dropped the line about how he was back and then when he was like, I guess he couldn’t say why he was back or when or any details, so that was it.

And, apparently, he’s done similar speeches to this past and everything’s like pretty much the same."

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