*Spoiler* Shotzi will play a very important role

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*Spoiler* Shotzi will play a very important role

The most colorful athlete of all the roster of the Stamford company, certainly responds to the name of Shotzi Blackheart, a green-haired athlete, with a thousand tattoos and piercings scattered throughout the body and a truly exceptional temperament, which until a few months ago fought on ring of NXT, before moving on to the WWE main roster instead.

After a career spent in the independent circuit, where she grew up between hardcore matches and matches in the cages, Shotzi has finally landed on the important rings of the WWE, passing first to the former yellow roster of the Tuesday night, like all her colleagues.

and then arriving at the main roster, where he currently fights in the Friday Night Smackdown rings. After a brief stint among the heel athletes of the blue brand, Shotzi made his turn face by saving Raquel Rodriguez and his partner, from the attack of three heel at Smackdown a few weeks ago, thus returning to the ranks of the faces and dusting off his tank for the entrances.

Shotzi will be the host of Halloween Havoc

Among the many athletes on the main roster who appeared this night at NXT, Shotzi Blackheart also arrived at a certain point, who confirmed with a promo that she was the special host of Halloween Havoc, or the presenter designated by the WWE for the ppv of NXT which will air next Saturday.

Soon after having so inflamed the audience, Xyon Quinn s immediately volunteered as co-host of the evening, coming to interrupt Shotzi, but the athlete in turn was interrupted by Quincy Elliot, who made the same request to' colored-haired athlete, claiming to be a better presenter.

Eventually, Shotzi decided that the ring would give the last word to this diatribe and then a match between them would choose who would be the co-host. Finally, the match was won by Quincy Elliot with two Banzai Drops, with the Queen of NXT who will then be the co-host together with Shotzy for NXT's Halloween Havoc.

According to Xero News, it's been reported that the Toxic Attraction leader will join Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne on the main roster. "And heres another. Mandy will be Joining them. She is due to drop the belt before Survivor Series.

Last told there was a pitch for them to be apart of the War Games Match," read the report. There have been considerable teases beginning to form for a match down the line between Toxic Attraction and Damage CTRL.